If you are noticing that your basement has leaning walls, floor or basement wall cracks, sinking or settlement issues, then there are definitely foundation issues that should not be ignored.  The longer you wait to deal with foundation and need for structural repair the worse the damage could be.

Foundation Problems

In most cases, foundation problems are caused from poor or weak soil conditions surrounding a home, bad construction materials and/or techniques that were used when your property was built.  Also, it’s more common in Colorado because of the different soil conditions, rising & falling waters table, rainfall and melting snow that can impact your basement. 

We understand that you might be worried about the cost to repair your basement, but be assured that we will provide a foundation repair solution that will fix the problem permanently.  This way you don’t have to deal with any temporary solutions, instead you will have a team of experts fixing any foundation cracks, basement wall leaks, settlement problems, and more.  And, the good news is that a total wall replacement is no longer the “only solution” to a failing foundation. 

If You are concerned about your Foundation, We can Help

At Denver Foundation Solutions we use SafeBasements™ foundation piering systems and structural products to take care of even the worst of problems.

If you are experiencing any of the related foundation symptoms mentioned,  please give us a call today and schedule a Free Evaluation and a team of experts will come out and evaluate your foundation.  Denver Foundation Solutions has over 20 years experience and is an authorized State of Colorado for all building code and maintenance regulations for structural repair.

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Common Foundation Problems


Foundation Repair Products

Below you will see four systems we use to fix the problem and will determine what would be the best solution(s) to correct your foundation.  Depending if your situation is minor or extreme will determine which is the system(s) to use.  To find out more click on the + below for further details.

We use SafeBaseTM Push Pier system to bring home owners a permanent foundation repair solution to address their foundation settlement problem.  If there are poor soil conditions, the common solution is to remove and replace the current foundation. This can be very expensive and does not correct the real issue that caused the problem in the first place which is unstable soil. As you can see by the photo, the SafeBaseTM Push Pier system fixes this issue by driving through the unstable soil to stable soil below it… Learn More

In order to repair a bowed or leaning basement wall, we use a product from SafeBasements called a wall anchor. This system is a 3 part system consisting of 2 plates and a long connecting rod.  This system is a 3 part system consisting of 2 plates and a long connecting rod.  Our team starts every job by driving the long connecting rod through a hole drilled in your foundation wall. After this is done the first plate is driven into the ground outside of your home acting as an anchor for the connecting rod. SafeBasements wall anchor system is unique in that no excavation is required for installation… Learn More

Even though no two foundations are the same,  we us SafeBaseTM Helical Piers that can be installed no matter what the weather conditions are, and because the it only uses small equipment for the installation it makes it much easier to use.  There is no messy excavation and it is not costly, and it allows the concrete to be poured immediately once they are placed in the ground… Learn More

Carbon Fiber wall straps are a great solution for repairing bowing walls, it can deal with almost every situation no matter what the damage is. Based on our experience we have found the Carbon Fiber system to be the strongest on the market because it pulls the foundation base and housing framing together… Learn More