The best way to understand what causes foundation settlement, it is the expanding and contracting of the soil underneath the foundation or concrete slab of your home. It is very common because the Denver and surrounding areas has these pockets of unstable soil that constantly expand and contract when there are weather changes, such as our cold winters and then hot summers.  If your home was built on poor soil compaction causing water to soak the soil during rainy or when the snow thaws it expands.  Then it hardens and contracts during our summers. Eventually the soil underneath your home will shift which will also impact the foundation of your home. Sometimes it is due to the soil being soft leaving the foundation unstable making it likely for water to  weaken certain areas under the foundation. 

If your home is having  settlement problem, here are some of what you might see happening both inside and outside of your home:

  • Windows and doors no longer open or close like they used to.
  • Noticing cracks forming inside and outside of your foundation walls
  • Seeing cracks forming around the corners of the window and door frames
  • Finding that certain areas of your floor is not level and seems to be sinking.

It can also be occur because of bad construction materials or techniques that were being used at the time the home was being built, but normally it is because of the soil under the property.

It usually takes a number of years for this to cause serious foundation issues, but if left unchecked the soil shifting under the home could lead to expensive repairs.

If you are concerned that your home is having foundation settlement problems, let Denver Foundation Solutions come out and do a Free Evaluation of of the condition of your foundation and basement area.  With our knowledge and expertise we will be able to determine any damage there might be and what would be the best way to repair any issues you may have.

Foundation Settlement Repair

Below you will see two systems we use to fix the problem and will determine what would be the best solution(s) to correct your foundation.  Depending if your situation is minor or extreme will determine which is the system(s) to use.  To find out more click on the + below for further details.

We use SafeBaseTM Push Pier system to bring home owners a permanent foundation repair solution to address their foundation settlement problem.  If there are poor soil conditions, the common solution is to remove and replace the current foundation. This can be very expensive and does not correct the real issue that caused the problem in the first place which is unstable soil. As you can see by the photo, the SafeBaseTM Push Pier system fixes this issue by driving through the unstable soil to stable soil below it… Learn More

Even though no two foundations are the same,  we us SafeBaseTM Helical Piers that can be installed no matter what the weather conditions are, and because the it only uses small equipment for the installation it makes it much easier to use.  There is no messy excavation and it is not costly, and it allows the concrete to be poured immediately once they are placed in the ground… Learn More