Carbon Fiber wall straps are a great solution for repairing bowing walls, it can deal with almost every situation no matter what the damage is.  Based on our experience we have found the Carbon Fiber system to be the strongest on the market because it pulls the foundation base and housing framing together.

The carbon fiber straps are fastened to the steel I-Beams or Tie-backs with a galvanized bracket and secured to the foundation floor with a carbon fiber pin.  Leaving your walls with no obstructions if you wish to paint.

When carbon fiber straps are installed properly they will create a repair stronger than steel beams. Therefore strengthening your foundation to withstand up to 50,000 psi.

Additional details:

  • Quick and clean installation.
  • Limited lifetime, transferable warranty.
  • Works on block and poured concrete foundations.
  • The only patented carbon fiber system that ties in your footer, wall and sill plate for complete protection against any movement