Denver Foundation Solutions is based in Castle Rock, Colorado.  Tony Plescia, President has over 30+ years of first-hand experience and knowledge in repairing; basement foundations, basement waterproofing, crawl space and bowed wall repair.  They also work on driveways and patios, including; excavation, grading and more. With a team of well trained and very experienced installers, we guarantee the work we do will meet and probably exceed your expectations.

We do not have an Engineer on staff. We are structural specialists, evaluators. We will assess the particular situation, develop a repair plan to bid. If accepted by the customer and permitted, we use a 3rd party Engineer, which is included in the price of the bid, to provide Engineer Documents for permitting. Once the project is complete, the Engineer will sign off or (Conform) the project for City approval. These Engineer documents are provided to the customer with warranty docs.

Our goal is to ensure you are totally happy with our work.


Tony Plescia

Denver Foundation Solutions

Denver Foundation Solutions Crew