If you have found leaks, or having flood issues, and or seepage in your basement, Denver Foundation Solutions can help you with your problems. We are a leader in providing basement waterproofing services for the Denver, Colorado region for years and are a dedicated company with the experience to make sure the job is done correctly. We use patented waterproofing products and systems to make sure your basement is properly protected using in-depth water mitigation systems along with a sump pump installation. Using these procedures to meet all aspects of any water logging, cracks, puddles, and deterioration of concrete is what we do. Denver Foundation Solutions mission is to provide one-time repairs for home owners that will be a permanent solution to their waterproofing issues.

Common Basement Waterproofing Problems

One of the most common problems found in basements are from water damage because there is not a proper drainage system setup. The importance of waterproofing your basement is vital for any homeowner to prevent eventual extreme costs from occurring because they have not addressed the problem right away. By taking a proactive approach will continue to keep your basement to be the perfect space to enjoy in your Colorado home.

Here are the most common leakage areas that can be found in your basement:

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Typical Basement Water Issues:

Basement Flooding

If your basement is constantly flooding, then you definitely have a very serious problem. What it tells us that there is probably no waterproofing system installed or your Sump Pump has stopped working. Either way it is a problem and could be caused by several different issues. In most cases it is your Sump Pump is broken (if you have one) or there are cracks in the wall, or possibly because there is poor yard drainage preventing rain or melting snow to go into a window or over the top of the foundation.

Basement Seepage

This type of seepage is generally slow and constant steady leaks happening in a basement. If the homeowner notices water running down the walls, on the floors, dripping down the support beams from the ceiling, etc. Sometimes seepage can be found coming where the wall meets the floor (cove joint) where water is constantly rising and where it goes into your basement.

Cracks, Openings, & Leaks

These type of leaks can be found in your basement where there is a constant volume of water going into your basement. Most often it is from wall cracks including those between mortar joints used on mason walls, floor cracks, unsealed pipe openings causing concrete deterioration, and cove joints.

Our Waterproofing Techniques and Solutions

At Denver Foundation Solutions, we look at every basement in every home in the Denver area to be different from inside to outside.  We specialize in is finding where the problem(s) are and determine what solution is best for your basement.

By offering a Free Consultation it lets us identify any issues as well as any damages that there might be to your home at no initial cost to you.  We will then provide a written recommendation on what is the best waterproofing system and restoration to do to your basement.  And, because of our expertise and advanced techniques we provide it will fix wet basements permanently.

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