The area where the wall area and basement floor meet is called a Cove Joint.  It is a common problem for basement seepage especially with rising and falling water table around your home.  This is why it is important to have a waterproofing system in your basement to prevent leaks from going in and through any small openings. The constant change in the soil will put pressure on your basement walls and floors pushing water and moisture through the cove joint,  This is especially true during Colorado’s rainy and snow-melting seasons. Initially the leaks can creep through the cove joint but if ignored they can become larger as more soil and water pressure builds up.

It is extremely important to take care of this basement problem right away. If ignored moisture in this area can cause staining to your walls, floors and it could lead to water damage to your floor coverings (carpet) or to anything you have stored in your basement. It’s very important to take care of this problem right away if you have a finished basement or plan on finishing it in the future.

Different Ways to Fix Leaky Cove Joints

A lot of competitors believe that the best solution to leaking cove joints is to seal off the cove joint. However, at Denver Foundation Solutions, we believe this will cause more harm than good. When the area is sealed off, it could increase the hydrostatic pressure caused from the constant changing water table putting extreme pressure on the joint. Eventually causing the seal to crack and break causing the water leak to start again.

At Denver Foundation Solutions, we offer different waterproofing systems that will fix this problem where choosing the right one will depend on how extreme  your situation is.    Choosing the right system is based on the severity of the basement leaks, whether it be a minor seepage problem or a major Cove Joint leak.

This system is designed by SafeBasements and is carefully designed compact system to cover more surface ​area than other traditional water collection systems being used. By having an increased surface area it allows for more water to be pointed to a basement sump pump in less time.

The Safe Edge™ System features:

  • Includes a built-in multi-flow drain tile,
  • a sump pump with a clear lid for ensuring it is clean,
  • battery backup system (available for installation)
  • a rubber seal that takes water away from the cove joint into the drain tile
This drain system has a low profile that has a wider design that allows for a adequate floor thickness to be poured over it once the installation is completed. Because of the wider design it allows for the water better thus reducing the overall hydrostatic pressure.
The SafeBasements water evacuation system is designed to be installed without having to excavate the soil around your home or basement floor. This saves a lot of time and money. At Denver Foundation Solutions we install the SafeTrack system in homes with monolithic floors. It is easy for us to set up so there is no longer damage being caused to the foundation of your home during the installation.