If you have bowed basement walls it is something you will want to deal with right away, if not it could become a problem and cause a major foundation failure. Also, if you have a bowed wall over time it can increase the possibility for wall cracks in your basement.

At Denver Foundation Solutions team of experts has been helping those living in the Denver area deal with their bowed basement walls.  It is quite common with foundations that are laid in concrete blocks rather than poured concrete. This type of bowed wall foundation problem can be very concerning when you first discover it  It is usually noticed when walls are leaning in your basement.  What has happened is that hydrostatic pressure in the soil surrounding your residence starts to build up causing your wall to bow. If your home is built on a clay-rich dirt, it is incredibly absorbent when it rains or there is snow melt on your lawn. This causes the dirt to swell up and putting a lot of pressure on your basement walls (hydrostatic pressure).

Solution: SafeBase™ Wall Anchors

In order to repair a bowed or leaning basement wall, we use a product from SafeBasements called a wall anchor. This system is a 3 part system consisting of 2 plates and a long connecting rod. Our team starts every job by driving the long connecting rod through a hole drilled in your foundation wall. After this is done the first plate is driven into the ground outside of your home acting as an anchor for the connecting rod. SafeBasements wall anchor system is unique in that no excavation is required for installation.