Living in Colorado, foundation movement is common especially with the inconsistent rain during a drought season that can put a strain on your home’s foundation.

When this happens, it can cause cracks in the earth around your home so when it rains water can potentially go into your basement if it is not waterproof. This is a very common problem whether your home is new or old, the builder may have not done a sufficient job to protect the home or it’s just old and needs to be inspected to make sure that you are not having issues with your home foundation.

If you notice that there are cracks on your basement floor or concrete walls, then the potential for leakage is high and an inspection should be done. When we go in, we look for potential seepage as well as where it is coming from.

If you have any of these, then more than likely there are foundation issues that need to be addressed and definitely not ignored, because the longer you put off  dealing with foundation structural repair the worse the damage and costs could be.

Denver Foundation Solutions has over 30 years experience and is an authorized State of Colorado for all building code and maintenance regulations for structural repair.

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