We are a Licensed SafeBasements™ Gold Standard Dealer in Colorado

Basement Waterproofing, Foundation Repair and Crawl Space Repair

SafeBasements™ is a manufacturer of patented repair systems that are specific to basement waterproofing, foundation repair, crawl space repair, and concrete leveling systems.  With over 25+ years of experience in the waterproofing and structural repair industry,their engineered products exceed industry-wide product performance and are made in the USA and have become a leader in product reliability and customer satisfaction.

The SafeBasementsTM Waterproofing and Foundation Repair dealer network is a group of carefully selected contractors working to only offer the best products and services. SafeBasementsTM only accepts members that pass strict requirements and agree to fulfill ongoing educational training, while maintaining an excellent reputation in their service areas. Not just any repair contractor can become a member. We take the time to qualify each contractor to ensure proper and efficient installation for our repair products. SafeBasementsTM products are only available through the SafeBasementsTM Dealer Network. 

Denver Foundation Solutions is the first Gold Star SafeBasements™ Dealer

We are  authorized to provide their patented products for basement waterproofing, foundation repair, crawl space repair, and basement finishing services in the Denver and surrounding areas

Serving the Denver Metro & Surrounding Areas

With SafeBasements™ and our professional ‘Gold Standard’ we guarantee real solutions for water prevention and concrete restoration.

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