If you have been noticing that on the first floor of your home has started sagging in different areas, then it could be because the support beams in your crawl space have become damaged due to excessive moisture and humidity.  It may even be something that is noticiable throughout all the rooms on the first floor, or just in certain spots.  The good news is that you will not have completely replace the flooring throughout the home if this happens to your home, even though moisture in a crawl space is not something you want, it can be easily treated. 

Also, at Denver Foundation Solutions our team of experts will be able to go in and take care of any damage to your floor as a result of the water seepage. This is a common problem we have seen in crawl spaces and are able to go in repair the sagging floor problems in your home quickly and efficiently.

Solutions for Sagging Floor Issues

We offer 4 different solutions for dealing with Crawl Space Sagging Floors, click on the + below for more details:

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This crawl space stabilizer product can be quickly installed and will provide the support needed for us to to keep your first floor level, safe, and stable.

We can also install an encapsulation system that will seal off your crawl space with floor and wall liners, dehumidifiers, sump pumps, and more.  See below for details on these products.

We are experts at installing the necessary products that  will work in unison to make sure that the crawl space beneath your home stays dry and safe. What that means is that you will never again have to deal with moisture issues under the space below your first floor damaging the wooden materials in there.

Our Sump Pump of choice is the SafeBasementsTM PHCC Pro Series Line.  We chose it because it is a tough and reliable sump pumps use either a cast iron or stainless steel construction (depending on pump series used), and is a reliable duty rated for worry free operation.

Also, these crawl space sump pumps are relied on for being energy efficient, using 172% less energy than most other pumps being used, and it comes with a 3 year no hassle warranty on all systems.

To seal off your crawl space, we use of the Healthy Living Encapsulation System from SafeBasements™ system to fix and seal the area below your home. When not sealed off correctly you could have moisture, high levels of humidity, as well as unwanted critters.  When Foundation Solutions starts the encapsulation process, we put in a white vapor barrier that is durable, and durable. We attach it to the wall and floor surfaces are permanently sealed off from any outside environment so that this the crawl space is safe, dry, and healthy. There will no longer be any moisture which means no mold growth and/or wood rot.

To make sure there are no water drainage issues, we install a special drainage system as we are doing the encapsulation job. This is designed to improve drainage of water underneath the actual floor liner, and because it is 100% polypropylene design, it won’t experience any issues from moisture damage, which common with other systems.  We have several liners for the wide variety of crawl space areas underneath the home.

At Denver Foundation Solutions, we have found this waterproofing method has proven to keep your crawl space humidity under control and will prevent moisture happening.  It is a very reliable compact and durable dehumidifier that will improve the air quality in your home by removing the moisture using its filtration system. Rest assured that this is a permanent dehumidifier solution will keep your crawl space dry and prevent mold and/or mildew build up.