leaky basementIf you are are having heavy rains and/or snow melt and are noticing that your sump pump is not working like it should or not at all, then it may be time to replace it. Basically it is an appliance that keeps your basement dry from water damage and flooding. When it stops working you open your Denver home to this happening when there is rain or snow thawing that could cause water issues in your basement.

This could do serious damage to the basement foundation, walls, floors, as well as anything that you keep in there.   Sometimes the issue is because the homeowner has a sump pump but have no idea how it works so when it’s needed they may not realize what to do.

We always install a sump pump in the lowest lying area of the basement or crawl space over a pit or sump pump basket in the ground.  Drains will be installed under your home to direct any water to the sump pit. Once collected and the water reaches a certain level,  the sump pump will send it out and away from your home.

If you are having any of the issues with your sump pump as listed below, it may be broken and need to be replace:

  • If your Sump Pump is constantly running but not removing water
  • find leaks around the pit or basket
  • The sump pump does not turn on
  • Water is above the selected level in the pit
  • Basement or crawl space is constantly flooding

Replacing your Sump Pump

In most cases trying to repair a broken sump pump can be costly and it usually is more cost effective to replace rather than repair it.  If you choose to go with a new sump pump we recommend that you go with SafeBasements™ Sump Pump patented design.  See below for details.

Below you will see four systems we use to fix this problem and will determine what would be the best solution to your water leakage problem. Depending if your situation is minor or extreme will determine which is the system to use. To find out more click on the + below for further details.

These sump pumps are designed so they are energy efficient and work well with all of SafeBasements™ basement waterproofing products. They drain water away from your basement walls, help control erosion, and improve indoor air quality in your home. Also, this sump pump can even stop Radon gas from seeping inside. Plus, it also helps lower the water table beneath the floor and around your home removing the need for a basement dehumidifier.

There is a battery backup option to ensure that your pump works should there be a power outage.

This system is designed by SafeBasements and is carefully designed compact system to cover more surface ​area than other traditional water collection systems being used. By having an increased surface area it allows for more water to be pointed to a basement sump pump in less time.

The Safe Edge™ System features:

  • Includes a built-in multi-flow drain tile,
  • a sump pump with a clear lid for ensuring it is clean,
  • battery backup system (available for installation)
  • a rubber seal that takes water away from the cove joint into the drain tile
This drain system has a low profile that has a wider design that allows for a adequate floor thickness to be poured over it once the installation is completed. Because of the wider design it allows for the water better thus reducing the overall hydrostatic pressure.
The SafeBasements water evacuation system is designed to be installed without having to excavate the soil around your home or basement floor. This saves a lot of time and money. At Denver Foundation Solutions we install the SafeTrack system in homes with monolithic floors. It is easy for us to set up so there is no longer damage being caused to the foundation of your home during the installation.