Like many of us, our home is one our biggest investments so making sure it does not have any structural issues is very important.  Here are some of the usual suspects that could be a sign that your Colorado home needs a foundation repair:

Does your basement have:

If you have any of these, then more than likely there are foundation issues that need to be addressed and definitely not ignored, because the longer you put off  dealing with foundation structural repair the worse the damage and costs could be.

What are the typical causes of Foundation Issues

In most cases, foundation problems are because of poor or weak soil conditions surrounding a home, below par construction materials and/or the work was not done well when your property was built.

Also, it is not unusual for Colorado because of the different types of soil found here, rising & falling water table, and the different weather patterns of rain and melting snow can deeply impact your basement structure over time.

At Denver Foundation Solutions, we realize that many of our customers are concerned about the cost to repair your basement, but be assured that we will identify the problem(s), recommend a foundation repair solution that will fix the problem permanently.  We do not believe in doing temporary solutions where it will need to be addressed again in the future, instead you will have a team of experts using the necessary tools and equipment to fix any foundation cracks, basement wall leaks, settlement problems, and more.  And, because of changes in foundation solutions over the years a total wall replacement is no longer the “only solution” to a failing foundation.

If you have concerns about your Colorado Home’s Foundation, We can Help

Denver Foundation Solutions uses SafeBasements™ foundation piering systems and structural products to take care of even the worst of foundation problems.

If you are finding any of the foundation signs we have mentioned,  please give us a call today to schedule a Free Evaluation of your home.  Our team of experts will come out and evaluate your foundation and let you know if there are and what can be done to resolve it.

Denver Foundation Solutions has over 30 years experience and is an authorized State of Colorado for all building code and maintenance regulations for structural repair.

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