Have you had a friend or neighbor mention how a sump pump saved their home basement from flooding after a recent snow melt or heavy rainfall.

If your home does not have a Sump Pump or it needs to be repaired then your home is susceptible to  flooding which could do serious damage to the basement foundation, walls, floors, as well as anything that you keep in there.

What Exactly is a Sump Pump

Basically, it is an appliance that keeps your basement dry from water damage and flooding.

We always install a sump pump in the lowest lying area of the basement or crawl space over a pit or sump pump basket in the ground.  Drains will be installed under your home to direct any water to the sump pit. Once collected and the water reaches a certain level,  the sump pump will send it out and away from your home.

When a Sump Pump Does its Job

Usually, it stays on standby, waiting until it’s needed. When it begins to rain heavily, or after it snows and it starts to melt, the soil around your house can become saturated.  When this happens the groundwater will funnel toward the lowest area in your home, usually the basement or crawl space and could potentially flood it.  When installed properly, the water will be directed to the sump pump pit, where it will begin to fill with water. This is when the sump pump float switch will turn on the pump and immediately start pumping out the water to an area away from your foundation.

Sometimes the issue is because the homeowner has a sump pump but have no idea how it works so when it’s needed they may not realize what to do, we can help with that too.

If you have a sump pump are having any of the issues listed below, it may be broken and need to be replace:

  • If your Sump Pump is constantly running but not removing water
  • find leaks around the pit or basket
  • The sump pump does not turn on
  • Water is above the selected level in the pit
  • Basement or crawl space is constantly flooding

Protecting Your Home

The cost of investing in a Sump Pump is another way to protect your home from potential damage from:

  • Protect your home foundation
  • Basement or crawl space flooding
  • Damage done to your walls, paint and wall coverings
  • The ruin of furniture, carpet and floor computers
  • Protect your appliances from corrosion
  • Reduce the potential for mold, fungus and mold odor

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