In the Denver area there are all types of terrain with homes and yards that have diverse grading and slopes. It is very important that the yard is graded properly, so that the soil and lawn slope downhill away from your home protecting it against water logging. If your yard does not have appropriate grading the water will have no where to go except through the soil. Once the ground has soaked up a lot of water it could produce pressure on your basement walls and floors that opens up a lot of other issues to your home. The best way to identify if you have a yard drainage problem is if you are finding puddles of water surrounding  your home near the foundation of your basement.

If you would like for Denver Foundation Solutions do a free evaluation and then install preemptive systems to ensure that your home’s foundation stays safe for years to come.

How We Fix Yard Drainage Issues

As waterproofing professionals, we understand the importance of using a combination of systems depending on what needs to be done to your yard.  Below you can see the different recommended systems that we would use for your exterior and below the terrain to correct any issues happening with the draining of your yard.  It’s not a one size fits all scenario, that’s because not every home will need the same systems, grading to correct their yard draining area.  For some, it will require very little while others may have a severe waterproofing problem where we utilize all of the tools we have to fix it.   We customize every yard drainage solution to fit your needs which may include several different patented repair systems, such as:

This system is designed by SafeBasements and is a carefully designed compact system to cover more surface area than other traditional water collection systems being used. By having an increased surface area it allows for more water to be pointed to a basement sump pump in less time.

The Safe Edge™ System features:

  • Includes a built-in multi-flow drain tile,
  • a sump pump with a clear lid for ensuring it is clean,
  • battery backup system (available for installation)
  • a rubber seal that takes water away from the cove joint into the drain tile
This drain system has a low profile that has a wider design that allows for a adequate floor thickness to be poured over it once the installation is completed. Because of the wider design it allows for the water better thus reducing the overall hydrostatic pressure.
The SafeBasements water evacuation system is designed to be installed without having to excavate the soil around your home or basement floor. This saves a lot of time and money. At Denver Foundation Solutions we install the SafeTrack system in homes with monolithic floors. It is easy for us to set up so there is no longer damage being caused to the foundation of your home during the installation.

Once it has been determined that your yard area has drainage problems is to slope all land, patios, walkways, etc. away from your home.  When we begin the process we look to create a minimum slope of two percent, or 1/4 inch per foot. For instance, if  the grade is a spot four feet away from your house sit hould be at least one inch lower than the grade of the house. This ensures that whenever rainfall or snow thaw occurs it will be directed away from your home. To do this, it requires re-grading your yard so that if it slopes towards your house.

To ensure proper water drainage