Push PiersWe use SafeBaseTM Push Pier system to bring home owners a permanent foundation repair solution to address their foundation settlement problem.  If there are poor soil conditions, the common solution is to remove and replace the current foundation. This can be very expensive and does not correct the real issue that caused the problem in the first place which is unstable soil. As you can see by the photo, the SafeBaseTM Push Pier system fixes this issue by driving through the unstable soil to stable soil below it.

These Push Piers are designed to strengthen, stabilize and lift foundations if necessary by shifting the weight of the home away from the unstable soil to a more stable soil below. We do this by hydraulically driving the push pier sections through a bracket that is attached to the footing of the foundation until they reach stable soil. 

We know that the soil is stable soils which is determined by doing a load testing of every Push Pier when they are being installed. We use this hydraulically driven until they reach the necessary resistance at a safety factor of two to three.