Chances are your basement walls in your home are made from concrete materials. When it was being built, tie rods were used in the concrete to help with keeping it strong and durable. Over time, they start to age, rust, and crack. When this happens it will create holes in your concrete walls, making it more likely for water to seep into this area under your home.  This is a common basement waterproofing problem, and we have found that a lot of homeowners ignore it because they do not believe that there is a remedy to an easy solution to the problem, or they think that it’s nothing to worry about.

This is not to be ignored, and the longer you wait to get this taken care of,  over time the damage will continue to get worse.  Water will continue to seep into your home because of your tie rod dampness issues and it will eventually damage the walls, floors, or to anything you keep in the basement  area.  Also, the moisture can leave stains on the floor, walls and can even contribute to the growth of nasty mold, mildew which could effect your families health. Plus, if you notice these holes on your walls and ignore them could jeopardize the structural integrity of your entire home.

Methods for Repairing Tie Rod Dampness Issues

Solution: Liquid Urethane Injection
We are very familiar with issues with Tie Rod Dampness, and use a proven method to take care of the problem.  We use Liquid Urethane Injection method that has a urethane material to fill in the cracks and holes that are next to your tie rods. The good thing about using the injection systems is that it can be finished fairly quickly,depending on how many holes that need to be filled and sealed.
We begin the process by thoroughly cleaning off the concrete area that needs to be fixed. By doing this it helps to make sure that any dirt and debris will not get inside during the injection repair process. Then, we inject the urethane material into the cracks and fill them up with it from the back of the hole to the surface of the wall.  After completed, we must leave the material to sit and cure. Once dry, you will be able to paint over it or finish the wall in whatever way you would like.
Once done, the Liquid Urethane Injection method we use will seal all the cracks, and you will never have to worry about water seepage and the serious damage it can cause.