If you have a stone foundation and it has leaks, then you need to address it right away. In most cases older homes would be where you would fine this.  Back in the day, stone foundation was considered very reliable and strong. Unfortunately as times passes, the stones start being exposed due to weather and are susceptible to losing their strength and becoming brittle where water could potentially leak into the basement of your home. Because of the rainfall and snow melt in the Denver area, you may find puddles in your basement or find water stained because the water is not draining.  Not to worry, even though this is not good if you take the proper steps the problem can be corrected.

Denver Foundation Solutions are experts on these type of seepage issues and are experienced on how to make the proper repairs needed.  Our knowledgeable team of professionals will be able to provide you with the right basement waterproofing system(s) to stop the stone foundation seepage at an affordable price.

Repairing a Masonary & Stone Foundation Seepage

Below you will see four systems we use to fix this problem and will determine what would be the best solution to your water leakage problem.  Depending if your situation is minor or extreme will determine which is the system to use.  To find out more click on the + below for further details.

This system is designed by SafeBasements and is carefully designed compact system to cover more surface ​area than other traditional water collection systems being used. By having an increased surface area it allows for more water to be pointed to a basement sump pump in less time.

The Safe Edge™ System features:

  • Includes a built-in multi-flow drain tile,
  • a sump pump with a clear lid for ensuring it is clean,
  • battery backup system (available for installation)
  • a rubber seal that takes water away from the cove joint into the drain tile

Whenever we are doing a basement crack repair service to the basement in a home, we use a polyurethane injection process. The process start with thoroughly cleaning the surface of the crack and the surrounding area to make sure that there is no dirt and/or debris that could effect the repair. Once prepped, we begin injecting the polyurethane mixture into the crack until it is filled from the bottom to the floor surface. Once the liquid urethane is in the crack, it requires time to set and cure before it can be painted over or finished. Once the crack is sealed, it will prevent any water leakage in the future in your basement.

This drain system has a low profile that has a wider design that allows for a adequate floor thickness to be poured over it once the installation is completed. Because of the wider design it allows for the water better thus reducing the overall hydrostatic pressure.
The SafeBasements water evacuation system is designed to be installed without having to excavate the soil around your home or basement floor. This saves a lot of time and money. At Denver Foundation Solutions we install the SafeTrack system in homes with monolithic floors. It is easy for us to set up so there is no longer damage being caused to the foundation of your home during the installation.