Most basements have their pipes run throughout your Denver home, as well as outside your foundation area. Eventually, the seals around these pipes could become weak over time and will start to lose their holding power. Should this happen, it becomes likely that water will leak from them onto your basement walls, floor, and/or ceiling. If you have this problem happening under your home you will see water stains in those areas. Even worse, you might have see a pipe dripping water. This problem can remedied by using the basement waterproofing products to solve the problem before serious damage is done, especially if you have a finished basement.

Pipes that are penetrating throughout your concrete wall is usually not an issue but if they are not installed properly, it can become a problem to the concrete surrounding them. Over time with the leaking pipe it can lead to deterioration and other problems such as mold, rust, and wall cracks.

Leaky Penetrating Pipe Repair

Leaky Penetrating Pipe Repair

 Solution: Liquid Urethane Injection

Whenever we are doing a basement crack repair service to the basement in a home, we use a polyurethane injection process. The process start with thoroughly cleaning the surface of the crack and the surrounding area to make sure that there is no dirt and/or debris that could effect the repair.

As we begin injecting the polyurethane mixture into the crack until it is filled from the bottom to the floor surface. Once the liquid urethane is in the crack, it requires time to set and cure before it seals the crack to prevent any water leakage before it can be painted or finished.